Gym Wear For Men

Activewear for athletic men

Men activewear are among the most popular activewear in the apparel industry. Sports lover who are regular into gym workouts or sports training always prefers to keep themselves updated with the trendiest sportswear style.

Men focus more on their muscles and physique, which is why their workout styles are different from women. Also, they sweat a lot and undergo longer workout sessions. ECAU SPORT understands this difference very well. Therefore, we present an entirely new men’s gym wear collection for every man deserving nothing less but the best.


Our designers have studied men’s activewear market in depth and did research on various requirements that any man would desire in his gym wear. In the end, we came up with stylish Jet Setter shorts and HyperActive singlet for men looking for comfort and style in their sportswear. Wearing the right gym gears can be extremely motivating and comforting for men.

Importance of men’s activewear

With the athletic market predominantly focusing on the men’s activewear, there are many designers who focus on the men’s gym wear collection. Men are crazy for their physique and activewear is an essential part of their lives. Cristino made sure that his designs stand out and fulfill the desire of an active man.

Activewear play a great role in providing a relaxing and comfortable gym experience while doing heavy lifts and gym training. With body-hugging singlet, you can see your muscles stressing and relaxing. Sweating wicking gym wear for men is relieving and makes you feel good about sweating, as it doesn’t stink too much. With the latest fabrics, workout clothes for men come with antibacterial quality. These clothes don’t develop germs, no matter how much you sweat or difficult environment you face while performing an exercise.


Isn’t that great news? At ECAU SPORT, our men’s gym wear is made with the same quality fabric to ensure a comfortable, germfree and breathable experience to you. A good set of activewear can do wonders to your overall gym performance. It always makes you feel good and motivates you to take a step forward and push your limits a little higher.

What to consider while buying men’s gym wear?

Buying workout clothes for men is not as difficult as you think. All you need is to pay attention to a few must-have qualities in any gym wear. Unlike women fashion activewear, you don’t have to look for the cut of style factor, as men’s gym wear are pretty self-explained and don’t need much of detailing. Even though, keep in mind comfort, color, fabric, and appearance. Comfy and free gym wear let your skin breathe properly. During exercise, tight-fitting clothes are strict no for men as it makes them self-conscious and their concentration can hamper. Therefore, if you pair a nice fitting singlet and free size shorts, you not only look cool but also your performance gets better.

What style goes with what sport?

For running, moisture-wicking top and pants go perfectly fine with your running activity. In case you live in a warm place, you can try our jet setter short for freedom while running. A nice pair of running shoes and socks complete your attire.

For cycling, you need something that fits well that won’t snag on the bike. Men do have tights and singlet choice to wear while riding bicycles or doing gym cycling. However, ensure to select your wear based on the environment in your city.


For Yoga or Pilate, this is the activity, which involves a lot of stretching and bending. Therefore, you can select clothes that allow you great flexibility keeps your body free and makes you comfortable. There is no rule that says only tight fitting clothes is necessary, go with your instinct and wear what makes you happy.


For the gym, body fit singlet and shorts are trending gym wear for men. You can wear a fabric that wicks sweat, doesn’t stink quickly and dries up quickly. You can anytime order men’s gym singlet online from here at affordable rates.

Why ECAU SPORT is the best men’s activewear brand?

We are a breath of fresh air in the fitness apparel market. Our designs are unique and we provide premium quality at a very reasonable cost. ECAU SPORT has the best of activewear collection for men and women both. For us, your comfort and satisfaction matter the most. We understand fashion and include its essence in our every collection. You can buy men’s gym singlet online from our website in quick few steps. In case of any change, we provide full assistance to top our customers and try to resolve their query. You can get ECAU SPORT brand at selected retailers too. For any queries, feel free to reach us and share your feedback or reviews with us.

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