ECAU SPORT – Your Style Statement in Activewear

Our activewear designs are coming right from the house of Emporio Cristino. All of our clothes are inspired by the positive impact of an effective workout. Cristino has spent several years in the gym doing workouts, which made him realize the importance of right gym clothes. He worked as a personal trainer and talked with many people to know their thoughts on sportswear. He came up with ECAU SPORT activewear brand as the one-stop solution that meets the right blend of comfort, quality, and fashion. The color section and fabric are just perfect to boost your stamina in the gym.

We took special care on the cut and style as our designs represent the modern activewear. Fashion is for everyone and everywhere, you can be fashionable even when you are at home in pajamas. Then why to let your gym experience be so bland? You can spice up your entire look with our high-end fashion gym clothes. Women love our designs, as they are able to flaunt their toned body and express their free spirit while doing a workout.

Women’s gym clothing – feminine and fashionable

Gone the days when women workout clothes included men’s discards. Today, gym clothes for women are a bigger market than men’s activewear market. Women are more conscious about their clothing in the gym or during sport. Everybody knows how a correct sports outfit can boost energy and motivate the team to perform better. Similarly, the right gym clothes are evitable for improving your morale in the gym.

Women who feel good about themselves are more confident and strong. To feel good in the gym or game, your workout gears play a vital role. It not only makes you feel good but also it will accelerate your enthusiasm and provide a further lift to your performance. Cool and fashionable gym clothes make you feel motivated and encourage you to go the extra mile to achieve your fitness goals. ECAU SPORT offers a variety of designs in women’s activewear, which are both functional and comfortable while doing a workout. Also, you can get good quality gym clothes on sale if you pick the right time for your activewear shopping.

Three things not to miss in your gym clothes wardrobe

Supportive Bra

Your gym clothes shopping should begin with the right sports bra. It provides the required support to your feminine body. A good quality bra is a savior that can enhance your workout experience. A bra that is that fits you well; holds your breast properly and provide correct support when you are into action is considered to be the best for your gym session. It gives your body the right posture and ensures that nothing is revealing. Now, you can focus on your exercise rather than adjusting your bra to prevent unwanted stares.

Fabric, fitting, size, and cuts are the four most important things that you should consider in your gym bra. Remember to try on a sports bra, do a little jump, and run to decide if the bra is perfect for your fitness application.

Right fit Top

Loose and oversized t-shirts are no more in trend. New gym rule says that the better you can see your body flaws, the more you are motivated through your workout session. Also in certain workout or yoga studios, slim fit clothes are recommended so that trainer can see your body postures are correct while performing the exercise or not. Therefore, we have a singlet that fit well to your body and help stay focused and feel sexy while burning the excess fat in the gym.

The fabric of the gym tops or tanks should be made of high-performance material, which can wick off sweat and keeps you cool throughout your exercise. Also, go with colors that make you feel happy and kisses your body curves properly. Remember that not all gym clothes on sale are of cheap quality, seasonal sales are a great way to get premium brand activewear at much affordable cost.

Comfy Gym Pants

Gym pants or bottoms go with the choice of your sport or exercise. Sometimes tights are more appropriate than loose pants or shorts. Every gym exercise or sport has different clothing demands. Fortunately, women have a variety of bottom wear to choose from, including shorts or booty for cycling, tights or leggings for yoga and stretch pants for general exercise in the gym. You can always find a perfect balance between your fashion style and sports demand from our wide bottoms collection.

Always prefer a high-quality pant that stays in shape even after many wears and washes. Consider adjustable waistline for a personalized fit. When you have such great options right here, why not try on more than one style to make your gym experience more exciting and fashionable for you. Gym clothes for women are now in a wide variety, colors, and styles. Thus, you can always keep up with your style and personality wherever you go.

Workout gears for a healthier lifestyle

Do you believe that wearing suitable activewear boosts your confidence? If yes, ECAU SPORT is the final destination for your gym wear shopping. Our brand has designer sportswear for women desiring to feel stylish and easeful during their workout sessions. Undoubtedly, sportswear can make a difference in your mindset and performance at the gym. You can’t agree more with this. The right outfit can do wonders with your self-confidence and presentation. Similarly, while on track, a nice pair of workout pants can help you get that extra push to reach a goal.

Activewear is a thriving sector of the apparel industry. Women’s activewear has been neglected since long but no more. Like every other industry, women are now getting equal attention as men in the sportswear industry. Today, there are so many options and variations in women’s workout gears.

With ECAU SPORT workout gear for women, you can always get that Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid workout look at a much affordable price. Our sports collection for women is specially designed keeping in mind women’s ease and panache. Cristino – our designer and creative director is himself a personal trainer and has studied the activewear deeply to create some amazing functional workout gears.

Why Sports Bra is essential for every active woman?

Sports Bra is the most important thing in women fitness clothing. Every woman should have one in her closet whether she is into active sports or gyms. Sports bra not only provides good support to your breast but also ensures that your movements don’t do any damage to your breasts. Many women don’t understand how a sports bra eases their breast pain by keeping them in place and safe while running or jogging.

Women breasts are made up of fatty tissues, which are connected with fibrous strands called Cooper's ligaments. Thus, there is no internal structural support to your breast from the body against gravity and body movements. Excess moments can loosen up these ligaments and lead to permanent sagging and pain. Here’s where a good quality bra plays a vital role. It provides the right support to your breasts when you are busy doing workout or exercises.

Sports bras are designed to give complete support to your breast during your workout session. This is why women prefer to wear a sports bra. However, there are many options for cheap sports bras online but they aren’t a reliable choice. Therefore, choose only the high-quality bras that can match up with your lifestyle.

Why you should never underestimate your workout pants?

Women have full freedom to choose any type of bottoms during their workout. You can select any of our ECAU SPORT exclusive bottom wear to pick your style. We have shorts, booty and tights to make you look stunning during running on the track. Have you ever thought of why most popular fitness stars opt to wear workout pants than shorts? Certainly, they have a reason and it is that pants are better than shorts or booty.

Gym training and exercise needs aggressive physical movements, which makes you sweat a lot. Shorts or booty can keep you sweat-free but a workout pants can. It soaks the sweat, keeps you dry, and hydrated while you are on the field. There are various new styles in workout pants for women like skin fit, tights and yoga pants style. These bottoms are suitable for any physical activity or workout. You can choose your favorite style to match up with your sport.

Benefits of wearing right workout gears

Sweat-wicking and breathability

Whatever sport or exercise you are into, it is sure that you will sweat. Gym wears are made of fabrics that keep sweat away and let your skin breathe freely. ECAU SPORT activewear has special qualities that stop bacteria growth due to sweat. It means your workout clothes will not be stinking much.



These clothes are meant to be used roughly and aggressively while doing gym exercise or running. Its resilient property is tougher than the other normal day wear clothing. Consequently, activewear is costlier than other apparels.


Protective property

Activewear acts as a protection layer for you. It protects you from excess heat and keeps you cool in summer. Similarly, during winter it keeps you warm and maintains your body temperature right for you.


Comfort and ease in movements

Comfort is the foremost priority while choosing sportswear. Materials are mostly skin friendly and allow you to flexibly move while doing heavy lifts or difficult body movements especially when you are into yoga or dance activities.